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Key Things To Prepare Before You Sell Your Macbook Pro by Alex

It goes without saying that macbook/iPhone or any electronic gadget has lifespan up to certain periods. Afterwards, the promised lifespan wanes and there comes a time when your precious gadget doesn’t afford the level of enjoyment or performance output as it used to.  Maybe you are not very happy with the old model as it doesn’t suit your taste any longer now as it used to or you find it old or busted and no longer worthy to keep it, the fact is, you barely indent to have it. However, the question is, how to answer the usual query asked by most, you included – “How to sell my Macbook Pro?” or “How to sell my Apple iPhone?” 

How to sell my macbook pro surely requires some key considerations to follow before you sell it. Just read the post:

Make your gadget sellable: 

Before you start to do other things to sell your gadget, just have a good look over its condition. Are you satisfied with the look or do you think it needs to be cleaned properly? 

You should understand that the dirtier your gadget, the cheaper the price buyers would offer. Means, the look of your gadget often determines the good/bad sale of it. In view of the fact, just use a clean piece of cloth with dirt-cleaner and use them to make the screen, case, trackpad and keyboard of your mackbook/ iphone totally CLEAN and Smart. You can also use terrycloth sprayed with alcohol-free lens cleaner to wipe down your Macbook.

Secure data

Do not sell your macbook with all the crucial data stored in its internal memory/hard drive. 

To avert the situation of data being compromised by a wrong hand, just back up it carefully before sale (you should migrate your old data to a new Mac device). It is vital to secure copy of your precious data. You can also clone hard drive of your gadget for this purpose.

Other key things to follow:

You can either restore your gadget to a factory condition or boot off the hard disk before sale. Most users also prefer reinstallation of the hard drive. Also, if recovery partition is supported by your device and you run Lion on it, then you can easily restore the OS of your device. If you know nothing about this part of data safety management technique, consult an expert to get a helping hand. 

Always sell your gadget to a trusted buyer where it is reasonably priced and you get the deal of the day satisfactorily.

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